After the winter we just had, I don’t think I have ever been happier to see the colorful faces of the flowers of spring bulbs!!!  My name is Lia and no one works with bulbs the way I do.  Choreographed living bouquets that change color and height over a solid 2 month period!! Leaving plenty of room for a full perennial bed in between and around it.  Check out more pictures in this section.


Bertha-03-691x1024This bed is in a shade garden.  In the spring, the trees above are bare, allowing the bulbs to have essentially full sun.

See the picture  below it to glimpse what it looks like in the summer.  You can actually see one of the Dicentra or Fern Leaf Bleeding Hearts beginning to come up at the end of the bed closest to us in the photo.




This is a shade bed that co-exists with the spring bulb bed pictured above.


00000018This is another example of perennial  a shade bed planted with spring bulbs.  At Divine Garden Design, we are so jazzed on color that we have different colored theme layouts for you to choose your flowering bulbs from.  These are from the Hot Color chart.


00000016This is the same bed as above several months later.  The perennials co-exist with the bulbs.





00000014 2

These bulbs are set amongst Myrtel, an evergreen groundcover, that skirts the evergreen shrub border along this lovely colonial in Bedford NY


Bertha 01




Susan 05

Susan 04



Gail 04

Bertha 06

DSC01456 Close Up Stone Patio Spring Bed

DSC01406 Daf. pots stone Patio Old Forge

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