DIVINE GARDEN DESIGN is a full service Green Landscape Design Company.

What does that mean to be full service? It means that we can take you where you want to go from conception to finish.  We can provide all aspects of maintenance for your property or estate.  Because we are actual Landscape Designers, it means we know what your plants need, we know how to plant them properly and/or take care of them. We install state of the art watering systems, that cost you and the environment less.


We do not use systems that spray water into the air… causing evaporation and runoff, the first of which depletes the earths water supply, and the second strips the soil of nutrients.

Being Green means that we care about you and we care about the planet.  We use only natural organic products to treat your plants, we help you understand what it takes to build up your soils nutrients naturally, using biological processes, like compost and worms.

We provide you with the highest quality Landscaping services, commitment to clear communication, adhering to schedules and deadlines.  We try to ensure that you get the best prices, and the highest quality of merchandise.

What you will find at DIVINE GARDEN DESIGN is a company dedicated to providing you with the ability to attain the kind of space that you want to relax and unwind or entertain in.  We get you there by listening, sharing our extensive knowledge in design, the use of plants in space and time and  their strength of character, to create long blooming gardens, with exquisite visual appeal.


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